Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by JB on 21 August 2010 13:12

Right, there has been a lot of discussion on the SPA site (amoung others) regarding the SPA's "Choice policy". There is a possibility that a vote will be held at the next SPA meeting, so I would like to get our members thoughts (and those of our other site users) as if asked to vote, I would like to represent our members fairly.

Whilst this policy will only directly affect possibly 30-40% of our players, it does have possible ramifications for Scottish pool in future years.
If this doesn't mean anything to you, you can find more info and discussion at http://www.scotti...rowstart=0

But basically the rule says that if you play our rules (Blackball) and play through SPA affiliated leagues, then you cannot go and play in competitions in Scotland that use other rulesets. Some people now want that changed.

I'm sure this simplistic view will be expanded on on this forum, but if you can give us your vote, then i'll know which way to go if asked to vote for MDPL at an SPA meeting