Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by dosser on 21 August 2010 14:25

The SPA has grown brilliantly in the past 10-15 years through alot of hard work done behind the scenes. Interest in Scottish Pool has increased rapidly and this is seen in IM numbers, superleague teams and the sheer amount of events on the calander - hardly a free weekend.

In short the SEPF hasnt, hasnt put the work in that the SPA has (not even close) has been run poorly and relys too much on their main league - Aberdeen. Personaly i dont see what the SPA has to gain by dropping the choice policy apart from seeing a Scottish team compete at the World Championships with guys like Jayson, Goobs, John Mac etc.

I say let the SEPF come merge with the SPA under BB rules or keep the choice policy, keep growing and expanding the way we are and the SEPF leagues will end up coming over to the SPA anyway leaving them with nothing to do but fold.

all just personally speaking ofcourse.

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