Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by JB on 22 August 2010 10:37

Miamivice wrote:
No offence jb but I think you are very wrong putting a poll on here and then saying if the spa have a vote on the choice policy then you will know what way to vote? There are a lot of players in the league who don't use the Internet who are entitled to there own views and should be entitled to there vote the same as the rest of us.

As the league rep, I have to (in my opinion) vote/ express the views of our membership. I do not have the time to canvass all the players individually, so the most efficient way for me to get opinions is via the web. If anyone wants to get in touch with me outwith the site, most people already have my number (07854 501664).

Personally, I think doing it this way is much better than just voting what I feel is right....... As a lot of reps will do.

Lesser of 2 evils I think we call it