Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by maxi on 14 October 2009 11:06

Having a presentation night etc sounds like a great idea, but my own personal opinion is it's usually a wasted effort with low attendance and only the guys who have won things turn up in full with other teams only being represented by the odd player.

It's the same all over, most leagues I have played in don't bother anymore purely for this reason. I think doing what Airdrie are doing this year is actually a decent idea, they are having a finals day where all the trophies and money is paid out and all the finals of the singles, doubles, three man etc are all played out.

If you do this by playing out these competitions from semis or even quarters on the one day it would get more people attending and be a good day out. Only a suggestion. Would get whoever sponsors the league a right good turn as well.