Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by JB on 14 October 2009 11:30

We've already discussed this at length and decided that we will give it a try this year. The problem in the past (and is still the case with some areas) is that these nights are geared towards the presentation and not much else.
What we are trying to do is give everyone a cheap night out with good entertainment and a bite to eat etc. Whilst the presentations, money will be handed out at the start of the night, it will still be enjoyable for anyone coming who isn't picking up any trophies and that's where the difference is.
If you can go for a Friday night out with the missus that is going to cost, say, 15 for the both of you and you will be getting a decent live act, fed and a free drink, I think thats good value for money...... if you're picking up a trophy or 2, thats just a bonus.

Like I said, we'll organise it, advertise it and make it as good a night as possible. If it is poorly attended or doesn't work then fine, at least we've tried and wont do it again.