Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by jas on 15 January 2010 17:00

jas wrote:
Scottish should be ranked and seeded IMO. Realistically though, people wouldn't go for that.

See, people always say the Scottish should be an open draw, and I wonder....why should it? Why shouldn't it be seeded and award more ranking points than an IM?

I look at it from a spectacle point of view:- If there were two players better than the rest of the field then would you rather they play in the first round or the final? I'd rather have a 8-7 final than have a guy beat his biggest competitor 6-5 in the first round and then win the rest of the games, hardly dropping a frame. Comparing it to snooker, I'd rather see O'Sullivan against Higgins in the final rather than in the first round.

From a player's point of view :- You aren't going to do anything in the tournament anyway unless you are playing very well. It's not as if you are going to get lucky draws all the way through - you will need to beat top players at some point. So if, as an unranked player, it means you come up against a Holtz or Ross or Gillespie straight away then you can still win that game and take their place in the draw. So you can still progress as a lesser player if you deserve to.

Another thing is that unseeded draws give the lesser player a chance of a terrible draw just as it does a good draw. You could draw the top 4 players in one section of the draw, just as you could land a section with no-one who has ever played in a tournament before.

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