Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: New Poll

Posted by jas on 17 January 2010 07:23

Pat Holtz wrote:

Jas - I do agree that the Scottish should be ranked and have more points than an IM but the others won't agree to this due to harder qualifying areas.........hence the reason for this suggestion.

Jas - what do you think it should be?

I'd seed and rank every IM Pat. I'd also seed and rank the Scottish and award 50% more ranking points. It's our premier event and I think that any ranking should take account of that. I think snooker is a decent ranking model, to be honest, and the Scottish Singles should be our "World Championship".

That's just what I think is fairest. It wouldn't particularly benefit me and, like I said, whether it's seeded or open, a lesser player like myself isn't going to do anything in the tournament without playing a top player at some point. So, personally, it makes no odds. I don't care about my ranking and I doubt I ever would unless I was top 32. As a spectacle I want to see the top seeds kept apart until the latter rounds, that's all.Don't think we'll ever get round the problem of harder/easier qualifying areas without having all qualifiers centralised (and that just isn't feasible).

My short answer to the poll would be yes, to the first question, and no, to the second. It's a badly posed question as they are both mutually excusive, but I answered "no" regardless, assuming it was a case of both changing or things remaining as they are. (Bit long-winded but you know what I mean....)

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