Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: Advertising & Sponsorship

Posted by admin on 18 April 2009 01:28

We expect to be able to announce the Launch of Motherwell Pool's new website at some stage in May (Date to be confirmed).

Coinciding with this, we will be offering the opportunity for advertising on the website. This can be either as a weblink (if you have your own website), or as an artwork image, similar to Paul Preston's which is currently showing at the top of the homepage. We can organise, free of charge, any artwork images for you if you are interested and you will give final approval before any artwork is published.

At the same time, MDPL are inviting bids for sponsorship. Sponsorship can be for individual or a combination of the following:

Motherwell District Pool League
Cup Competitions
Superleague Teams

A number of benefits will be offered to any official sponsors (including free on-site advertising). Bids are invited from any company/ organisation/ venue. For more details, contact either myself or any of the committee. At the moment, we are talking with a couple of potential sponsors for the league, but ultimately there will be a sealed bid process at or after the AGM.

For advertisers, this will be done on an exclusive basis; ie If you have a roofing business, then no other roofing business will be on the site whilst your advert is live. Adverts will typically run for 1 year (1 season). Adverts will be taken on a first come-first serve basis. If you would like to get involved before the new website is launched (adverts can be placed on the site as of now), then let me, or any of the committee know. All discussions will be confidential.

Posted by JB on 18 April 2009 13:55

The launch of the new website is being brought forward to probably 21st April.

If you would like an advert/ link on the site, pm or contact me