Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: Forum lockdown

Posted by JB on 09 June 2011 08:10

At last night's AGM, it was decided that the discussion forums should be locked down as they cause a large percentage of the grief on this site. The forums will now be for information purposes only and will be updated by the committee only.

I understand that people need to be able to communicate through the website, so I would ask that you use the Private Message facility to do this. With this in mind, I have doubled the size of everyone's inbox/ outbox for PM's.

If there's a question you would like answered, you can also PM any of the committee and we will either reply to the PM or post the answer on the forum, if its something that concerns a lot of people.

As things stand, Stevie Brown is the league/ match secretary, so any questions regarding player registrations, league calendar, matches, team issues should go to him in the first instance.

Stevie Gormley will be treasurer and will (hopefully) be working together with Helen on an external basis, so anything regarding league funds, team dues and fees etc should go through him.

I can be contacted for general stuff outside this or if you have any bother getting a hold of the other guys.

Paul Preston and Scott Eadie make up the non-exec element of the committee and can be contacted for anything outside the above or to answer questions/ make posts on the website on your behalf.

I realise this might all seem a bit harsh, but it was pretty much unanimously agreed by the body of the hall that this was the best way forward.

So, with this in mind, I've decided to keep the forums open for 1 more day, I've removed the swear filters and the forum will run today totally unmoderated, so fuck it, knock yourselves out.. get it all off your chest and if there has been something you've been wanting to ask or say on the forums, now's your chance. The forums will be locked down tomorrow morning.