Thread subject: Motherwell Pool League :: Forum lockdown

Posted by bryzo on 09 June 2011 13:34

For those who had other commitments or couldnt make as there wasn't a laptop to hide behind I'll fill you in, these public forums have been a disater waiting to happen from the off. It gives people a platform to cause trouble and has put alot of stress on the guys that have spend alot of time/money making our league the best in Scotland. Jb Stevie brown and Helen resigned as committee members as they reached the end of an unacceptable level of criticism, every small decision questioned and there integrity doubted.
It was unanimously decided by the hall that in order for the committee to restand from now on if you have a question or problem you sort it face to face at the meetings. And whatever the committee say goes! Don't like it tough! We elected the committee to make choices on our behalf. No longer will there be pathetic running arguments caused by those who don't really give a fuck about the future state if the league or the mental state of the people they snipe. No longer will you have the facility to slag off pubs pool tables to the extend that a publican that has supported the league for 20 odd years doesn't want anything more to do with the league.
If you have a problem grow some testicles and turn up to the meetings and present them to the impartial committe that will take on board your comments and make a final decision on it. Dnt like it? Fuck off
Bryan Taylor